Special Exhibits

Special Exhibits

Hornets Before Wings (Officers’ Wardroom Lounge)
Traces the legacy of the ships named HORNET since the Revolutionary War.

Black Aces Ready Room (Ready Room 2)
Close approximation of the VFA-41 Ready Room in use onboard USS Nimitz; used only for Merit Badge Classes.

Hornet in the Pacific, WWII (Ready Room 3)
Opening soon, this exhibit chronicles the Hornet's role in the Pacific during WW II. By the end of the war, Hornet had destroyed 1,410 enemy aircraft and earned a Presidential Unit Citation, becoming one of the most decorated ships in naval history.

Fighter and Attack Aircraft (Ready Room 4)
Displaying ready room photos from WWII to present.

Raymond J. Vyeda Memorial Room (Officer’s Stateroom, Second Deck)
Memorabilia of a CVA-12 crewmember and his shipmates.

Apollo Splashdown (Jet Engine Repair Shop, Hangar Deck)
Memorabilia and photos from the Apollo 11 and 12 recoveries.

442 Regimental Combat Team (Gallery Deck, Hangar Bay 3)
Honors the contributions made by Nisei soldiers during WWII. The main focus is on the 20,000-plus American men of Japanese ancestry who served in the 442 Regimental Combat Team in Europe and the 6,000 men who served in the Military Intelligence Service in the Pacific.

WAVES & Women in the Sea Service (Second Deck, Portside)

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