Flight Deck

Flight Deck

  1. Bomb Elevator
  2. Gun Sponson
  3. Gun Director
  4. Catapults
  5. Jet Blast Deflector
  6. FLOLS
  7. Cross Deck Pendants
  8. LSO Platform
  9. Landing Centerline
  10. Landing Area

Spaces Currently Open to the Public ( * = docent-led only)

Flight Deck (points of interest):

  • Flight Deck Control Room
  • 5" 38 Gun Mounts: * Mounts 51, 52, and 53 (02 Level)
  • Hydraulic Catapults – used to launch aircraft off the flight deck
  • Jet Blast Deflector – raised to protect personnel from the flame of jet exhaust
  • Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System (FLOLS) – helped a pilot position his aircraft during landing
  • Arresting Gear – metal boxes contained the wires that caught the aircraft’s tailhook to stop the plane
  • Landing Signal Officer (LSO) Platform – where an LSO Officer used paddles to signal the pilots
  • Landing Area – the landing centerline helped to guide pilots

Gallery Deck: *

  • Combat Information Center – status of all friendly nd enemy forces were monitored here
  • Captain's In-Port Cabins – used to entertain higher-ranking officers, presidents, and celebrities
  • Admiral's In-Port CabinsHORNET was often the flagship of a task force
  • Radio Central - sponsored by USS Hornet Amateur Radio Club, NB6GC

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