Hangar Deck

Hangar Deck

    1. Forward Auxiliary Emergency Generator used to generate electricity when
      HORNET’s engines aren’t running or dockside power isn’t available.
    2. CONFLAG (firefighting) station. There is one in each Hangar Bay.
    3. HORNET was one of three aircraft carriers equipped with an experimental Cross
      Deck Catapult during World War II.
    4. Roll-Up Doors to let fresh air in and keep out water and spray.
    5. “Special Weapons” Bomb Elevator (16,000 lb.) used to transport weapons from
      the Magazine to the Hangar Deck and Flight Deck. HORNET’s scoreboard is located
      above the large door.
    6. Projection Room (above) for showing movies on a screen near Elevator 1.
    7. Fire Division Door. There are two which divide the Hangar Deck into three Bays.
    8. Ticket Desk and Ship’s Store.
    9. Exit, Safety Station, Lost and Found.
    10. Hangar Bay Control.
    11. Ladders and stationary Escalator UP to the Flight Deck.
    12. Apollo & Splashdown (upper level) Exhibits.
    13. Apollo Capsule used for water-egress training.
    14. Mobile Quarantine Facility Trailer (MQF) used for Apollo 14.
    15. Neil Armstrong and Apollo 11 Crew’s footprints after their return from the moon.
    16. Ship’s Theatre.
    17. Plankowners’ Wall. Original contributors to the saving of the USS HORNET.
    18. Flight Simulator. Experience the thrill of a Desert Storm mission that includes an
      aerial dogfight. Extra fee required.
    19. Restrooms (Heads).
    20. Gedunk. Soda and snack machines.
    21. 442nd Regimental Combat Team/Military Intelligence Service Exhibit (upper level).
    22. Fantail and a great view of San Francisco (fog permitting).

Colored Pipes: Located throughout the Hangar Deck are painted Red (for sea
water to fight fires), Green (for fog-foam to fight liquid fires) and Purple (for pumping
Jet Fuel).

Spaces Currently Open to the Public ( * = docent-led only)

Hangar Deck:

  • Quarterdeck – where officers and dignitaries entered the ship
  • Hangar Bays 1, 2, and 3 – where aircraft are stored and repaired
  • Jet Engine Repair Shop
  • Sheetmetal Shop
  • Aviation Electrical Shop

Forward Areas:

  • Fo’c’sle (01 Level) – anchor room
  • Secondary Conning Station (02 Level) – ship could be operated here if primary bridge was disabled
  • Forward Emergency Diesel Generator Room 
  • Gunfire Control Room * – controls the 5-inch gun mounts
  • Ammunition Ready Service Room * – ammunition handling room
  • Junior Officer Staterooms (JOB)

Gallery Deck: *

  • Captain's In-Port Cabins – used to entertain higher-ranking officers, presidents, and celebrities
  • Admiral's In-Port Cabins – HORNET was often the flagship of a task force
  • Radio Central - sponsored by USS Hornet Amateur Radio Club, NB6GC

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