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The Family Live-Aboard Experience

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“First of all, it was a great experience to share and enjoy with my family.
But on top of the fun was a deep appreciation that we were experiencing
history in a way that most people never get to do.
I think we left happy from the fun we shared and enriched
for what we learned from the crew and counselors.”
—Tom A., Chicago, Illinois

“My husband and son did the trip, not me…
but they both talked for days after about how great it was.“
— Susan P.

“We were thrilled by the experience and remain grateful
for the attention that you and your staff gave us.
The program is wonderful and I’ve already recommended it to everyone I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
— Sean M.

“Kudos to the crew and staff of the USS Hornet Museum!
You have preserved and captured a remarkable piece of American history,
rekindling memories for adults while inspiring youth to engage science and technology forever.”
— Todd E.

“My grandsons are 10 and 13 and tend to misbehave when together,
but they were so interested in the tours, the Apollo recovery slide presentation*
and the overall experience of living on board the USS Hornet,
that they surprised me by their good behavior." ( *This was a real highlight to me.)
— Shari J.

“Overall, my son and I had a great time on the Hornet last Friday and Saturday.
 Tyler and I went with high expectations and we both agreed that our expectations were exceeded.”
 — Jeff P.

“Thanks again for a truly memorable event which my little boy will cherish on his 16th birthday,
ranking right up there with getting locked into Yellowstone and having to sleep in our car
on his 4th birthday and worrying about bears all night, kinda' like your ghost stories...”
— Brian A.


Program Availability

The Live-Aboard Family Night program has been designed for family groups of all ages. The program is available to any family. All participants must be at least five (5) years of age. The program is scheduled once a month on a Friday.


The cost of the overnight Live-Aboard program for Families and Small Groups is $100 per person, regardless of age.

Payment in full is expected at the time of booking and is non-refundable. Any credit remaining after the event can be carried forward to a future overnight booking. This price includes overnight accommodations in the original crew’s berthing areas (you supply the sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush, and flashlight!), evening programs and tours throughout the ship, dinner and breakfast in the crew’s mess hall, a flight simulator ride, museum admission for the following day, a commemorative patch, and a certificate and coupon for a future visit!

Application and Roster

Complete the application and roster sheet provided in the packet and include it with your payment. A final roster must be received three weeks prior to your stay.

This program is very popular, so we suggest reservations be made as early as possible because dates book months in advance. (Due to booking of multiple families each evening, it is important to provide an accurate count since we may not be able to accept “add-ons” later.)

You will receive an e-mail confirmation. If no e-mail address is available, your confirmation will be mailed.

If you have not received an acknowledgement within two weeks, call the Live-Aboard office at (510) 521-8448 ext. 242.

Adult Supervision

A minimum of one adult is required for every family. Children must be supervised at all times.

Sleeping Areas and Other Facilities

Each family is assigned bunks in the ship’s berthing compartments. Please make your family aware that they may experience normal ship noises, such as creaks, transformers, and groans during the night.

Equipment to Bring

The berthing compartments are equipped with canvas covered “racks” with foam mattresses. Each person should bring a pillow, sleeping bag, extra blanket in cold weather, toiletries, hand towel, bottled water, flashlight, a jacket, and a warm hat in cold weather.

Please DO NOT BRING: Electronic devices, including hairdryers; laser pointers; knives; open flame devices, including lighters and matches; or food items.

Itinerary & Safety Guidelines

To ensure a safe overnight experience, review the Rules & Safety Guidelines with your family prior to your arrival. You should also review the program itinerary with everybody.

Arrival Time

Make arrangements for your family to meet us on the pier at 5:30pm get organized for boarding by 6:00pm. After-hour or emergency contact can be made by calling the Security Afterbrow at (510) 521-8448 ext. 226.

Driving directions are available online.


Overnight gear is not allowed on the ship before 5:00pm and private vehicles are not allowed on the pier. Parking is available across the street and participants are expected to carry sleeping bags and other gear on board at the appointed time. The Family Live-Aboard Experience is your opportunity to have a personalized tour of the entire ship. The low educator-to-guest ratio allows for any and all questions to be answered, and your specific interests to be explored in-depth. The program is designed to be truly “for the whole family.”

Safety Drill (Mandatory)

All participants MUST participate in a fire/safety drill.

Handicap Access

Due to the historical nature of the ship, handicap access is extremely limited.


USS Hornet Museum staff will be onsite and available at all times in case of emergency. If you need to be reached because of an emergency, contact can be made by calling the ship at (510) 521-8448 ext. 226.

Please Note: Many events take place on board the USS Hornet and it is possible that a banquet, dance, cocktail reception, or other function may be scheduled during your visit. On such occasions, your group activities will remain separated from the event area.

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Please contact or (510) 521-8448 x 242 for more information.


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