Adult Overnights

Overnight Live-Aboard Program for Adult Groups

WELCOME ABOARD! We offer the ultimate overnight experience for all groups!

Adventure…Exploration…and FUN!

Spend the night on the USS HORNET!

  • Meet interesting, and sometimes famous, people
  • Sleep in restored berthing compartments where the real HORNET crew lived
  • Enjoy dinner and breakfast in the Crew's Mess
  • Learn about this famous aircraft carrier's daring exploits
  • Explore the key areas in the ship and the historical naval aircraft on board
  • Learn about NASA's Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 space missions that put the first humans on the moon
  • Ride the flight simulator - experience what it's like to catapult and fly from the carrier
  • Play shipboard games and hear sea stories
  • Participate in night watch
  • Earn a special crewmember patch & certificate!
  • Ample Free Parking


"The entire experience was interesting and fun. The staff really cares and it shows."

"What I liked best about the program was sleeping aboard a World War II aircraft carrier. I also enjoyed the engine room tour, CIC and the ghost stories in the forecastle."

For more information, call (510) 521-8448, ext. 242

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Program Availability
The Live-Aboard Program is available to any organized youth group (scouts, schools, churches, etc.) or family. There is a 30-person minimum if you book on a night that does not already have multiple bookings. All participants must be at least 5 years of age.

All groups must provide proof of insurance, and must name the AIRCRAFT CARRIER HORNET FOUNDATION as named insured. Siblings, friends, or other guest are welcome provided they are also covered by the group’s insurance.

The cost of the overnight Live-Aboard program for Adult Groups is $100 per person.

This price includes overnight accommodations in the original crew’s berthing compartments (you supply the sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush, and flashlight!), evening programs and tours throughout the ship, dinner and breakfast in the crew’s mess hall, a flight simulator ride, museum admission for the following day, and a commemorative certificate and coupon for a future visit!

A pre-payment of $10 per anticipated participant is required to secure a date for your group and will be applied toward the final balance. Final payment is due three weeks prior to the event and is non-refundable. Any credit remaining on the account after the event can be carried forward to a future overnight booking.

Adult Leader/Camper Ratio
A minimum of one adult leader is required for every 6 youth guests (groups with children age 9 or younger must be accompanied by an adult at a 1:1 ratio). Children must be supervised at all times. Be prepared to organize into parent/youth teams for crew assignments.

Sleeping Areas and other Facilities
Each group is assigned bunks in the ship’s berthing compartments. You will probably share the compartment with another group. Female guests may choose to sleep in a separate compartment. Please make your group aware they may experience normal ship noises, such as creaks and groans during the night.

Equipment to Bring
The berthing compartments are equipped with canvas covered “racks” with foam mattresses. Each person should bring a pillow, sleeping bag, and extra blanket in cold weather, toiletries, hand towel, flashlight, a jacket, and a warm hat in cold weather.

Please do not bring
Electronic devices, including hairdryers; laser pointers; knives; open flame devices, including lighters and matches; or food items.

A limited number of lockers are available to share in the berthing compartments. Each group can bring several locks to secure their valuables and personal belongings. The Aircraft Carrier Hornet Foundation is NOT responsible for loss of personal items.

Arrival Time
Please make arrangements for your group to meet on the pier at the same time. The group leader must arrive on time to receive program instructions. The check-in briefing and safety drill are an important part of your overnight experience. Special arrangements can be made for late arrivals by contacting the Live-Aboard Director at

Weekend (Saturdays) Schedule – Plan to organize on the pier by 4:30pm to begin your evening program with boarding at 5:00pm.

Weeknight (Wed – Fri) Schedule – Plan to organize on the pier by 5:30pm to begin your evening program with boarding at 6:00pm.

Driving directions are available online.

Overnight gear is not allowed on the ship before 5:00pm and private vehicles are not allowed on the pier. Parking is available across the street and participants are expected to carry sleeping bags and other gear on board at the appointed time. The Live-Aboard Program is conducted in a fun-spirited, organized manner; falling in, stowing your gear, and following orders are all part of this unique and memorable experience.

Group ID
Wristbands will be issued upon arrival and must be worn at all times while on board the USS Hornet. The wristband gives you in-out privileges during museum hours on the second day.

Safety Drill
All participants must participate in an emergency evacuation drill. (MANDATORY)

Handicap Access
Due to the historical nature of the ship, handicap access is extremely limited.

Hornet staff will be onsite and available in case of emergency. After-hour or emergency contact can be made by calling the Security Desk at (510) 521-8448 x 226.

Many events take place on board the USS HORNET and it is possible that a banquet, dance, cocktail reception, or other function may be scheduled during your visit. On such occasions, your group activities will remain separated from the event area.

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Weekday Arrivals (Wed. – Fri.): Activities start at 1800 (6:00pm). Group Leaders should be prepared to check in at 1730 (5:30pm).

Day 1 - Saturday

1600 (4:00pm)

Group Leaders meet your group on the pier with your gear. Take a head count and be prepared to advise the Hornet crew of any changes such as no-shows, late arrivals, etc.

1615 (4:15pm)

Hornet Crewmembers will meet with Group Leaders to get final count, brief your group on the evening activities, and take questions.

1705 (5:05pm)

Begin boarding with overnight gear.

1730-1745 (5:30-6:00pm)

Introductions, Orientation, Ship Rules.

1745-1800 (5:45-6:00pm)

Set up quarters, stow gear in berthing areas.

1800-1830 (6:00-6:30pm)

Mandatory Fire/Safety Drill. (Weekday arrivals will set up quarters and have the emergency evacuation drill after dinner)

1830-1930 (6:30-7:30pm)

Chow time begins (dinner). Junior crew organized into serving and clean-up teams.

1930-2230 (7:30-10:30pm)

Evening program includes self-guided tours: CIC, Engine Room, Bridge, Catapult, Brig areas, Flight Simulator & other activities.

2300 (11:00pm)

Lights out retire to quarters for the night. For those assigned Night Watch first shift begins.

Day 2 - Sunday

0700 (7:00am)

Reveille. (Rise & Shine)

0700-0730 (7:00-7:30am)

Pack belongings, clean berthing quarters, and receive bunk inspection.

0730-0830 (7:30-8:30am)

Breakfast. Junior crew organized into serving and clean-up teams.

0845-0930 (8:45-9:30am)

Muster out ceremony begins with presenting Colors. Junior Crew receives certificate and patch.

0930 (9:30am)

Ship’s Store and Flight Simulator opens. (10:00am on weekdays)

1000 (10:00am)

Museum opens – Participants are welcome to stay aboard to continue tours of the ship.

1100 (11:00am)

Sundays only – Church service. Live-Aboard crewmembers are welcome to attend a non-denominational service in our Chapel.

NOTE: All activities and times are subject to change without prior notice. Times are to be used as a point of reference only.

Chaperones must stay with children during the entire visit. Docents are posted throughout the ship to answer questions during museum hours.

SAMPLE Live-Aboard Menu




Mashed potatoes or pasta salad




Bananas, Cereal

Pastries, Bagels, Muffins

Milk, Orange Juice

Hot Beverages

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Moving Safely Through the Ship

Virtually everything on the ship is hard steel. A bump that might be of no consequence at home can result in real injury aboard the ship. Be careful!

Step through watertight doors one leg at a time and hold onto the frame while doing so. Do not step on the bottom frame—you may slip and smack your head on the upper doorframe. Step through to the deck on the other side.

Do not play with the door levers (dogs). If left sticking into doorways, they can cause injury. Also, doors are very heavy and have operating mechanism that can crush fingers. Leave door dogs in the upright and clipped position, please!

Tall persons need to watch out for “headknockers” in the overhead.

When using the companionways (ladders and hatches), if you are not comfortable going down normally, face the ladder and use handrails. Take the time to be safe.

Do not climb on anything, including vertical ladders, without staff permission.

Do not run at any time. In the event of an emergency evacuation, walk quickly as directed by those in charge. Always watch your footing. Always watch out above for “headknockers,” especially when sitting up in your bunk.

Safety Procedures and Equipment

There will be an Orientation and mandatory Emergency Evacuation Drill shortly after coming aboard. Please make your group members aware that this is important, and there will be little tolerance for people who disregard the rules. Flagrant violators will be required to leave the ship.

Shoes are not allowed on bunks. Place them in your gear bag, on the deck, or in a locker.

All guests should have flashlights. When sleeping, put your flashlight near your head in the bunk for easy access.

There will be Watch Officers on duty overnight.

In Case of Fire

If smoke detectors sound, exit using same route followed during the emergency evacuation drill. If required, you may be directed to alternate routes.

Stay calm. Do not run, push or shove at doorways and hatches.

The primary responsibility for adults in a compartment is to see that the youth guests get safely out of the space in an emergency.

Know how many people are in the compartment and visually check thoroughly before leaving. Leave no one behind.

The USS Hornet Museum thanks crewmembers and their leaders for adhering to these guidelines.

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