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USS Hornet Educational Programs

The goal of each HORNET educational program is to use the unique, stimulating environment of this historic aircraft carrier to teach science and history concepts in an interesting, interactive, fun manner. Each program features a theme-based tour of the ship with hands-on activities.

We currently offer six different programs:

Field Trip at Sea Grades K-12
Step into History Grades 8-12
STEM to Stern Grades 9-12
STEM to Stern Junior Grades 2-5
Youth Overnight Grades K-12
NewPassport to History
Grades 2-5

Frequently Asked Questions

To book a school fieldtrip:
Fill out Application web form, or call the Education Department at
(510) 521-8448 x224, or
FAX a Reservation form to (510) 749-3699, or EMAIL.

Please download the following Tour Tips & Safety Rules (.pdf) to share with your group.


USS Hornet Museum Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Scholarship Fund

Paracon 2013 was a successful education fundraiser which raised $2,000 in scholarship funding.

The Museum strongly feels that our Stem to Stern programs will enrich many students’ appreciation and promote the importance of STEM education to local schools. We are pleased to announce the STEM scholarship which will grant approved applicants a reduced admission fee to participate in our education curriculum.

One of our organization's greatest desires is to share our unique educational platform with less privileged students. This fund will offer participating schools half price student admission fees for the following programs: Stem to Stern Jr . and Stem to Stern.

These exiting curriculums are based on "California Educational Standards" and focus on math, science and history. The scholarship will be available for schools to utilize starting September 2013. To apply, please fill in and submit the STEM scholarship application form.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How far in advance is a reservation needed?
  • A. All reservations are required at least one (1) week before your planned visit.
  • Q. What parking is available and can a bus drop off classes on the main pier?
  • A. The USS Hornet Museum has a huge parking lot adjacent to the pier where you may park for free. If you have a bus, the bus is allowed to drop off in front of the ship, but it must return to the main lot and park there.
  • Q. What happens after I fill out or make a reservation?
  • A. After you complete your reservation form, you will receive an estimated field trip invoice via email. The payment is due upon arrival, but you are more than welcome to pay in advance if you choose. We do except all major credit cards. Currently checks are not accepted.
  • Q. How do I organize my group when we arrive?
  • A. When you arrive, it is recommended that your group meets on the pier and you enter the ship as one group. Since you have a tour invoice, we require one (1) form of payment from the tour leader.
  • Q. How long is the tour and how much are private docent rates?
  • A. The basic field trip is called “Field Trip at Sea” and the average time for this program is two (2) hours. If your class is more than fifty (50) or you are visiting on the weekend, private docent fees may apply. The private docent school rate is $40.00 per docent and the ratio is 1:25.
  • Q. How early can we arrive?
  • A. The ship opens at 10:00am; however, you can visit in the afternoon as well. After your guided tour, you are welcome to stay as late as you want. We do close at 5:00pm.
  • Q. How do I add the Flight Simulator?
  • A. To add the Flight Simulator to your tour, it is an additional $4.50 per head. All of this can be added to your invoice. The ride is six (6) minutes long and holds fifteen (15) people at a time. These arrangements need to be made before your group’s arrival. The height restriction is 38 inches.
  • Q. My class is disabled, what are my options?
  • A. For information on disabled access please visit:
  • Q. Can my class bring lunches and eat onboard?
  • A. You are more than welcome to bring lunch onboard the Hornet. We can store your lunch for you and we have several areas for your students to eat onboard, including our Officers’ Mess and Flight Deck. Please remember that backpacks are not allowed except for medical purposes.
  • Q. What is the rate for a basic Field Trip?
  • A. The rate per student is $5.00 and adults are $8.00. The booking teacher and bus driver are free. Other specialty EDU programs have different pricing.
  • Q. I am a home school or BSA troop; do I qualify for Field Trip Rates?
  • A. Yes, you may make a reservation as a school.

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