CVA-12 Log

Ship's Log USS Hornet (CVA-12)

HORNET was reclassified as an attack carrier (CVA-12) on October 10, 1952. She was recommissioned at the New York Naval Shipyard on September 11, 1953.

SCB-27A Modernization

New York Naval Shipyard; May 12, 1951 – September 1, 1953

Partial list:

  • Ready Rooms relocated to 2nd deck
  • Aircrew escalator installed below island
  • Removed the four flight deck 5-in. twin mounts
  • Strengthened flight deck to accommodate 52,000 lb aircraft
  • Replaced H-4B catapults with longer H-8s
  • Installed two sets of ballistic and flame-proof division doors on hangar deck
  • Upgraded entire radar system

SCB-125 Modernization

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard; January 28, 1956 – August 17, 1956

Partial list:

  • Installed angled flight deck
  • Fitted with enclosed hurricane bow
  • Relocated Primary Flight Control to aft end of island
  • No. 3 elevator moved to starboard deck edge
  • Fitted with mirror landing system
  • Removed all but four 3-in. 50-cal. twin mounts

USS HORNET CVA-12’s Commanding Officers

  • Captain Milton A. Nation - 11 Sep 1953 - 19 July 1954
  • Captain Frank A. Brandley - 19 July 1954 - 20 July 1955
  • Captain Norwood A. Campbell - 20 July 1955 - 18 Aug 1956
  • Captain William W. Hollister - 18 Aug 1956 - 12 Aug 1957
  • Captain Thomas F. Connolly - 12 Aug 1957 - 25 Aug 1958

CVA-12 Ship’s Log

20 Mar 1951 - HORNET recommissioned at Hunters Point, San Francisco, Ca. after four and 2 years. Departed San Francisco and transited Panama Canal en route to Brooklyn Naval Shipyard in New York.

14 Jun 1951 - SCB-27A modernization begun. Upgrade included more powerful catapults and arresting gear, strengthened flight deck, new island, weapons elevators and other improvements to support jet aircraft.

01 Jan 1952 - Redesignated an attack carrier (CVA-12).

10 Jan 1953 - SCB-27A completed.

11 Sep 1953 - Recommissioned at New York Naval Shipyard.

— May 1954 - Deployed on eight month global cruise which included port calls in Portugal, Italy and Egypt in the Mediterranean, a transit through the Suez Canal and stops in Singapore and the Philippines before joining the Seventh Fleet.

25 Jul 1954 - HORNET fighters assist in a search for survivors of a British airliner shot down by Communist Chinese fighters in what became known as the HAINAN Incident.

— Dec 1954 - HORNET arrives NAS Alameda following global deployment.

— May 1955 - Departed on second CVA WestPac cruise. Ship weathered at least thirteen typhoons during this deployment before losing number two shaft/prop near end of cruise.

— Dec 1955 - Arrives NAS North Island, San Diego to end cruise.

28 Jan 1956 - Begins SCB-125 modernization at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Bremerton, Wa. Upgrades included an angled flight deck, hurricane bow, Primary Flight Control, starboard deck elevator and improved arresting gear system.

1957 - Completed third CVA WestPac Cruise. During cruise an AD Skyraider (Spad) was damaged by Chinese ground fire while patrolling near the Swatow Peninsula and another propeller was lost.

1957 - Jun '58 - Fourth WestPac cruise.

For more detailed information about HORNET’s history, purchase A Pictorial History of the USS HORNET (CV-12) by CDR Pete Clayton, USN (Retired).

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