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Author Bob Fish to appear at Apollo 11 anniversary event Splashdown 45 on July 26, 2014!

The first authoritative book on the Navy’s support of America’s race to the Moon,
with great detail about the recovery of the epic Apollo 11 mission.

This stunning photo-rich hardcover book is available thru the USS Hornet Museum. To order your copy, which includes the author's autograph if you wish, click here:  http://store.yahoo.com/usshornet/

HORNET PLUS THREE has insightful information from many sources, including:

RADM Carl Seiberlich (CO – USS Hornet)
Neil Armstrong (Apollo 11 Commander – NASA)
ADM Chuck Larson (Nixon’s Naval Aide)
CAPT Chuck Smiley (XO – HS-4)

CAPT Chris Lamb (XO – USS Hornet)
John Stonesifer (Quarantine Director – NASA)
CDR Clancy Hatleberg (OIC – UDT-11)
Don Blair (Mutual Radio)

"I returned to my office and found HORNET PLUS THREE awaiting. I must say, it is an exceptional job and fills a gaping hole in the Apollo history. Well done !!"
... Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11 mission commander"

From The Author

The USS Hornet became a Registered National Landmark largely because of its key role in the amazing space race of the 1960s.  Hornet recovered the first two lunar landing missions - Apollo 11 and Apollo 12.

As the Apollo Curator, I wanted to create broader public awareness of the important role played by the U.S. Navy in supporting the space race of the 1960s. It is significant to remember the men who participated in the 31 recoveries of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo flights were also fighting a hot war in Vietnam and a Cold War across the oceans of the world.

Apollo 11 was the first time mankind walked on another planetary body and its recovery was the most complex of the entire space program.   It was the inauguration of the "moon germ" quarantine process; it was the only time a President of the U.S. personally participated in a recovery; and the world spotlight of media attention shown brighter than at any other time.

The book contains a wealth of personal information from members of the “command element” - the NASA and Navy recovery team leaders - who provided insights never before available to the public.  Anyone with an interest in the 1960’s era of space exploration, or modern naval history, or science and technology in general, will enjoy reading Hornet Plus Three.

For more information about the author, click here: http://home.earthlink.net/~robertbfish/.

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