Due to the historic nature of the ship, wheelchair and stroller accessibility is extremely limited. However, the following information will allow our guests with special needs to still experience a memorable visit to the museum.

  1. Handicap parking is located near the top of the pier.

  2. Vehicles may be driven onto the pier to drop off and pick up passengers with physical challenges. There is no parking on the pier for museum visitors; vehicles must return to the parking lot.

  3. A “scissor” lift is available to get people with special needs from the pier to the Hangar Deck. It is located at the third gangway. One escort is allowed. Other members of your party should use the regular entrance where the admissions clerk can call for an elevator operator.

  4. Once on the Hangar Deck, there is an easy path of access to the Hangar Bay exhibits, the ship’s Fantail, and the ship’s store.

  5. An escalator to the Flight Deck is available for limited use to assist people with special needs. There are five large steps to walk up before reaching the escalator.

  6. There are no elevators to the lower decks or the Flight Deck.

  7. Wheelchair accessible restrooms are available on the Hangar Deck and the pier.

  8. Loaner wheelchairs are available.

  9. A virtual tour of exhibit spaces that are not wheelchair accessible is available for viewing while on the ship. Ask for this at the admissions desk.

  10. USS Hornet Virtual Tour (DVD) is available for purchase in the ship’s store or from the on-line Ship's Store.

  11. An on-line collection of spherical panoramas showing points-of-interest throughout the ship is available for viewing on this website at: Some of these images allow on-line visitors to explore compartments that are otherwise inaccessible to the public.
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