Flight Simulator

Flight Avionics Flight Simulator

Experience the thrill of flight!

A five (5) minute ride in our Flight Simulator will allow you a taste of the thrill of flight.  Similar to “Star Tours” at Disneyland, it is a moving theater — seating a maximum of 15 people at one time.

Height Restriction
For safety, all riders must be 38 inches or taller.

**The operator is required to focus on the machinery while it is in use. Please hold all questions until the ride is completed and operator gives clearance to converse.**  

COST Hours of Operation:


Single Ride:
$6.00 per person

The Flight Simulator is available and operational for the public on the following schedule:

Daily: 11:00am–11:30am, 1:00pm–1:30pm, 3:00pm–3:30pm

*The Flight Simulator is closed once a week for regular maintenance (usually on Tuesday afternoon during our slowest day of the week). Occasionally, there are other causes for its closure, and we are sorry if visitors miss this feature. Please consider it a good reason to look forward to a return visit!

Special Promotion: Double the Flight Time!

Remain in your seat to rock, pitch, and jolt your way through a second five (5) minute ride.

Double Ride:
$9.00 per person

Second ride selection is at the discretion of the operator based on circumstances.

The flight simulator is owned and operated by Flight Avionics, an independent company.

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