Our Mission

Aircraft Carrier Hornet Foundation preserves and honors the legacy of the USS Hornet, a national historic landmark, and its role in naval aviation, the defense of our country, the Apollo Program and exploration of space.  The USS Hornet Museum connects the greatest generation of Americans with future generations, educating and inspiring them to meet their challenges.

Staff Directory


Jill Knowland Rapposelli

Executive Director
(510) 521-8448 ext. 413


Armando E. Zumaya

Chief Development Officer
(510) 521-8448 ext. 307


Christine Winge

Sr. Director of Operations
(510) 521-8448 ext. 222


Chris Miller

Sr. Director of Visitor Experiences
(510) 521-8448 ext. 422

Mike McCarron
Marketing & Communications Manager
(510) 521-8448 ext. 238 Michael.McCarron@uss-hornet.org
Mary Needham
Development Department
(510) 521-8448 ext. 234 Mary.Needham@uss-hornet.org
Leigh Ann Davis
Volunteer Coordinator
(510) 521-8448 ext. 243 LeighAnn.Davis@uss-hornet.org
Tay Griffin
Engineering Maintenance Manager
(510) 521-8448 ext. 227 Lamontae.Griffin@uss-hornet.org
Alissa Brown
Finance Manager
(510) 521-8448 ext. 240 Alissa.Brown@uss-hornet.org
Howard Saud
(510) 521-8448 ext. 266 Howard.Saud@uss-hornet.org
Jenya Jawad
Live Aboard/Birthday Parties
(510) 521-8448 ext. 242 Jenya.Jawad@uss-hornet.org
Isy Anschutz
Human Resources Director
(510) 521-8448 ext. 260 Isy.Anschutz@uss-hornet.org
Bob DesMueles
Ship Restoration
(510) 521-8448 ext. 261
Charlotte Dickert
STEM Coordinator
(510) 521-8448 ext. 282 Charlotte.Rodeen-Dickert@uss-hornet.org
Laura Fies
Graphic Design / Exhibits
(510) 521-8448 ext. 280 Laura.Fies@uss-hornet.org
Holly Gallagher
Collections & Exhibits Director
(510) 521-8448 ext. 239 Holly.Gallagher@uss-hornet.org
Keith Hedley
Research/Exhibitions Tech
(510) 521-8448 ext. 235 Keith.Hedley@uss-hornet.org
Kimberlee MacVicar
Community Outreach Manager
(510) 521-8448 ext. 414 Kimberlee.MacVicar@uss-hornet.org
Cody Bray
Development Manager
(510) 521-8448 ext. 286 Cody.Bray@uss-hornet.org  
Marie Riccobene
Private Events Director
(510) 521-8448 ext. 211 Marie.Riccobene@uss-hornet.org
Carrie Santell
Admissions and Store Manager
(510) 521-8448 ext. 247 Carrie.Santell@uss-hornet.org
Heidi Schave
Education Director
(510) 521-8448 ext. 224 Heidi.Schave@uss-hornet.org
Rick Thom
Museum Operations Director
(510) 521-8448 ext. 268 Rick.Thom@uss-hornet.org
Diana Tweddale
Private Events Manager
(510) 521-8448 ext. 263 Diana.Tweddale@uss-hornet.org

Board of Trustees

Alexandra Hall
Principal at Sodor Space Agency
Ray Fortney
Former CEO Vectra Technologies
Glenn Gabel
CAPT U.S. Navy – retired Webcor Builders, Inc., Retired Vice President
Duane Doyle
Peterson Holding Company, CEO
Kenneth G. Winans
President, Winans International Investment Management
Kurt Libby
UC Berkeley, Purchasing Manager CAPT U.S. Navy – retired
Paul Reyff, Jr.
Investor Technology Sector / Commercial Real Estate
Robert Fish
High Tech Entrepreneur
Author of Hornet Plus Three
Tim Lutz
CPA / Financial Consultant

Non-Voting Members

Sue Roderick
Rolf Sabye
Hornet Association Liaison
Jill Rapposelli
Executive Director