The Museum’s growing collection consists of over 8,500 artifacts include USS Hornet herself, aircraft, documents, photographs, military decorations and commendations, uniforms, cruise books, plane models, firearms, and personal crew ephemera. Most of our donations come from former crewmembers or their surviving family members intending to preserve these items for future generations.

The Museum has also opened a Research Library. With advanced reservations, guests can investigate primary source material in our archives that includes historical naval and aircraft books, cruise books, photo albums, reference books, historical newspapers, newsletters, magazines, and USS Hornet publications from her time during service.

Our team is also working diligently to preserve the personal histories of veterans who served aboard USS Hornet or her sisters. Please visit the Oral Histories tab for more information.

The Museum’s Collection Goals

1.) Items related to crewmen who served on board the USS Hornet.

2.) Items related to the Hornets sister ships such as the Essex, Yorktown, Intrepid, Franklin, Ticonderoga, Randolph, Lexington, Bunker Hill, Wasp, Hancock, Bennington, Boxer, Bon Homme Richard, Leyte, Kearsarge, Oriskany, Antietam, Princeton, Shangri-la, Lake Champlain, Tarawa, Valley Forge, and Philippine Sea.

3.) Items related to the US Navy during 1940s through 1970s during the time of the USS Hornet’s commissioned years.

4.) Items related to World War II and the US Navy.

5.) Items related to the NASA Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 Space programs.


If you have items you are wishing to donate to the USS Hornet Museum’s permanent collection, please contact the Museum Department.

Holly Gallagher
Director of Museum Collections and Exhibitions
(510) 521-8448 ext 239

Artifacts in the Permanent Collection


Veterans who served during WWII are members of the ‘Greatest Generation’ and have varied and unique experiences to share. To capture these stories, the USS Hornet Sea, Air & Space Museum has launched an Oral Histories Program. The goal is to preserve the personal histories of veterans who served aboard Hornet for future generations. Once completed, the Oral Histories will be cataloged in our Research Library, used in future exhibits, shared on our website, and offered to the Library of Congress to be preserved.

If you, or someone you know, has a relevant story to tell, let us know! We are actively seeking candidates to participate in this Oral Histories Program. Please contact us for further information at: or (510) 521-8448 x 235.


See a collection of our Oral Histories below 


The USS Hornet Sea, Air & Space Museum now has a Research Library available for visitors to further research information related to WWII, naval aviation, USS Hornet, or her sister ships.

If you have a research inquiry or would like to schedule an appointment to visit the Research Library, please contact: or call (510) 521-8448 x 235.

Use of the Research Library is charged by the hour, with additional costs for scanning, copying, and printing. Museum Members can wave the initial usage fee by providing their membership number.

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