Exhibits range from the medical floor to a boiler room, engine room, the ship’s jail, combat information center, print room, machine shops, and pilots’ ready rooms. The primary flight control and bridge in the island over the flight deck are popular destinations.


The Whatchamacallit

The Whatchamacallit: Innovation and Technology on the Hornet
Opening March 26th through July 2016

Throughout WWII, technology was continuously being developed to create the faster ship, the quicker plane, or the better soldier. Some of these advancements were developed or tested right here on the USS Hornet. This exhibition will select several items from the three upgrades that the USS Hornet went through during the modernization.

cobbler shop

Restored Spaces

The USS Hornet Museum strives to make the aircraft carrier as original as possible to its time in service. We have a team of dedicated and talented volunteers that strive to restore each area to the finest of detail. Currently the ships second deck has a majority of the spaces (rooms) restored. There are also several major areas of the third deck that also restored and available for Docent led tours.

Women Navy

Special Exhibits

The Museum has special permanent exhibitions throughout the ship for you and your family to enjoy. They pertain to a certain parts of the United States Navy history and tell great stories of honor and bravery. Our passionate volunteer curators, who share a passion for telling the Hornets story, created these special exhibits. The stories and artifacts within these rooms are on a case-by-case basis, each more compelling than the next.

Enjoy Everything the Hornet Has to Offer