Restored Spaces

///Restored Spaces

The Museum strives to make Hornet as original as possible to its time in service. A team of dedicated and talented volunteers works tirelessly to restore each area. Currently, the Hangar Deck 2nd Deck are the most restored. Several major areas of the 3rd Deck are also restored and available for Docent-led tours.

Chart Room 1 Island
Island (Available by Docent Led Tours Only)
  • Signal Bridge – used by Signalmen who sent messages using flashing light, semaphore, or flags
  • Camera Platform – used by cameramen who recorded every launch and landing
  • Primary Flight Control – this is where the Air Boss controlled all aircraft positioning including launches and landings
  • Flag Bridge – where the Admiral and his staff controlled operations of the Task Force
  • Chart Room – where the ship’s location and course was plotted
  • Pilot House – helmsman controlled the “ship’s wheel”; navigation equipment is located in this room
  • Captain’s Bridge – where the Captain and his staff controlled operations of the ship
  • Captain’s At-Sea Cabin – the Captain’s quarters while at sea
02 Level (Available by Docent Led Tours Only)
Berthing 1 Second Deck
Second Deck (Self Guided)
Third Deck (Available by Docent Led Tour only)
Mess Deck 1 Third Deck
Engine Room 1 Fourth Deck
Fourth Deck (Available by Docent Led Tours Only)

*All guest touring these spaces must be at least 48 inches in height.

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