Restored Spaces

The USS Hornet Sea, Air & Space Museum strives to make the aircraft carrier as original as possible to its time in service. We have a team of dedicated and talented volunteers that tirelessly work to restore each area to the finest of detail. Currently the ships second deck has a majority of the spaces (rooms) restored. There are also several major areas of the third deck that are also restored and available for our Docent led tours.

Chart Room 1 Island
Island (Available by Docent Led Tours Only)
  • Signal Bridge – used by Signalmen who sent messages using flashing light, semaphore, or flags
  • Camera Platform – used by cameramen who recorded every launch and landing
  • Primary Flight Control – this is where the Air Boss controlled all aircraft positioning including launches and landings
  • Flag Bridge – where the Admiral and his staff controlled operations of the Task Force
  • Chart Room – where the ship’s location and course was plotted
  • Pilot House – helmsman controlled the “ship’s wheel”; navigation equipment is located in this room
  • Captain’s Bridge – where the Captain and his staff controlled operations of the ship
  • Captain’s At-Sea Cabin – the Captain’s quarters while at sea
02 Level (Available by Docent Led Tours Only)
  • Combat Information Center (CIC)
  • Anti-Submarine Classification and Analysis Center (ASCAC)
  • Radio Central
  • Air Operations and Command Air Traffic Control
  • Arresting Gear Room
  • Captain’s at Port Cabin (currently under restoration)
  • Captain’s Conference Room (currently under restoration)
  • Admiral’s at Port Cabin (currently under restoration)
  • Admira’ls Conference Room (currently under restoration)
  • Chief of Staff Cabin (currently under restoration)
  • Flag Officers and Captains Administration Offices (currently under restoration)
  • Flag Officer Galley
Berthing 1 Second Deck
Second Deck (Self Guided)
  • Forward Auxiliary Emergency Generator Room
  • Officers’ Wardroom – where officers eat and attended meeting
  • Wardroom Lounge – where off-duty officers could socialize, read, play cards, and relax
  • Wardroom Pantry – officers’ meals were cooked in the Galley one deck below and served from the pantry
  • Officers’ Staterooms – officers’ quarters
  • Pilot Ready Room 4 – where pilots received their mission briefings (pictorial exhibit of fighter/attack aircraft)
  • Marine Detachment (MARDET) – Marines office, berthing, head (restroom), and lounge
  • Garbage Disposal Room
  • Auxiliary Laundry – primarily used by the medical department
  • Medical Spaces & Sick Bay – HORNET contained a complete hospital with operating rooms, examination rooms, pharmacy, labs, X-ray and ward
  • Crew’s Berthing – sleeping quarters with bunks and lockers
  • Crew’s Water Closets & Wash Rooms – some are operational for our Live-Aboard Program Guests
  • Chapel/Library
  • Torpedo Magazine and Shop
  • Chief Petty Officers Mess, Lounge and Pantry – CPO lounge was used by the senior enlisted men
  • Crew’s VS-35 Berthing
  • Ship Repair Locker 3
Third Deck (Available by Docent Led Tour only)
  • Brig – the ship’s jail
  • Port Catapult Room – houses machinery that operates the Aircraft catapults
  • Dental
  • Bakery
  • Crew’s Mess / Crew’s Galley – now used by our Live-Aboard Program
  • Crew’s Berthing Spaces
  • Sailor’s Gee Dunk – Crew Snack Shop
  • Officer’s Galley
  • Ordinance transfer and assembly area
Mess Deck 1 Third Deck
Engine Room 1 Fourth Deck
Fourth Deck (Available by Docent Led Tours Only)
  • Engine Room*
  • Fire/Boiler Room*

*All guest touring these spaces must be at least 48 inches in height.

Enjoy Everything the Hornet Has to Offer