Passport to History


Walk in the actual footsteps of USS Hornet Sailors!

Come aboard one of America’s most fascinating aircraft carriers for a fun-filled day that will transform your students into actual World War II sailors! Passport to History offers students the rare opportunity to become a sailor from different naval ranks and experience ship life from a unique historical perspective. Your students will be guided through a special tour of the ship that discusses topics ranging from where enlisted crew slept to how WWII changed the San Francisco Bay Area.

What makes the Passport to History School Program so unique is that students will be assigned the actual identity of a real sailor who served aboard the ship. The passport will include the rank of a genuine past Hornet crewmember, and your students will learn more about the particular naval responsibilities of the sailors as they tour. This passport provides the chance for guests to connect with history on a personal level.

Not only will you exclusively tour the ship, you will also learn what life was like in the Navy.

Only on Hornet can the past become so alive…

Program Highlights

The Passports: The passport each student receives will include a picture and basic information of an actual sailor who lived and worked aboard the USS Hornet. Each student will be required to answer questions based on who is in their passport. It will challenge the students to place themselves in the shoes of actual men who served aboard the ship. In addition, there will be other general questions surrounding the topic of WWII and its connection to California and the Bay Area.

Sample Questions:

  1. Where did you sleep?
  2. Where did you work on the ship? Briefly describe what you did and what it was like.
  3. Where would you eat?
  4. What are some activities crewmembers did in their spare time?
  5. Why were Marines on the ship? What were their duties?
  6. Name some privileges that Officers had over enlisted crewmembers.
  7. Why was WWII important to California and the San Francisco Bay Area?

Goals and Objectives of Passports:

  1. Students will understand the significance of the various topics and events.
  2. Give students a basic sociological context for these significant events and topics.
  3. Bring to light the often forgotten heroes of WWII.
  4. Give students a chance to think about and walk a mile in the shoes of actual sailors.
  5. Emphasize the impact WWII had on California and specifically the Bay Area.


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