Stem to Stern Jr.

Grades 3-8
//Stem to Stern Jr.


Station Tours and Hands-On Science Labs (day program)


Grades K-8

Come aboard and discover a museum experience where science and history meet hands-on exploration! Based on the Next Generation Science Standards, these workshops allow students to explore physics and Earth sciences in a hands-on learning environment. They see first-hand how classroom concepts are put to use powering a ship, launching aircraft, and more. Our STEM labs merge history and science in a way only the USS Hornet Sea, Air, & Space Museum can!



To book a school field trip or receive a Teacher’s Guide, contact the Education Department by any of the following methods:

Lunch Menu

Box lunches are available for $8.50 per person.

Options for program stations include:

Take Flight! (Grades K-2)

Find out what causes weather and hear tales of the 1945 typhoon that crippled Hornet’s Flight Deck and Fo’c’sle and changed naval architecture. Learn the basics of aviation and discover how weather affects navigation on the sea and in the air by plotting a new course for the ship that allows the planes to take advantage of the wind and then launch your own gliders on the Flight Deck.

Ship Shape! ( Grades 3-8)

Explore the ship and the STEM concepts behind her structure and systems. See up-close the amazing machinery that powered the ship and launched aircraft, as well as learn the engineering story of the Apollo missions.

The program includes a tour of the ship with a hands-on STEM activity selected from the following topics:

  • Mechanics
  • Aerospace
  • Electromagnetism and Electricity

After that, you have the options to enjoy lunch on the Flight Deck and then resume your adventure in the afternoon with a docent-led tour where you can visit additional spaces of the ship to learn more about the history of the USS Hornet.

Subject Focus and Station Modules

The following modules can be combined into programs around a theme, which can also tie into topics emphasized at particular grade levels (e.g., “energy” for 3rd – 4th graders). Teachers can also select modules to create a custom program.

  • Island (Navigation, Weather)
  • Flight Deck (Aviation, Mechanics, Weather)
  • Forecastle (Mechanics, Weather)
  • Catapult Room (Mechanics)
  • Combat Information Center (Waves, Communications)
  • Engine Room (Energy, Thermodynamics)
  • Forward Generator (Electricity and Magnetism)

SPRING 2018 Applications are now being accepted!

STEM Transportation Scholarship Fund

If your school is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento or the Central Valley, the USS Hornet Museum, Delta Charter & Rob and Marie McHenry may provide transportation assistance for your class to come aboard for a STEM-to-Stern program.

Hornet strongly feels that our STEM-to-Stern programs will enrich many students’ appreciation for and promote the importance of STEM education to local schools.

One of our organization’s greatest desires is to share our unique educational platform with less-privileged students. This fund will offer participating schools fully funded bus transportation and field trip for up to 50 students for the following programs, STEM-to -Stern Jr. and STEM-to-Stern.

These exciting programs are based on the new Next Generation Science Standards and engage students in science and engineering in a fascinating historical setting.

To apply, please fill in and submit the STEM scholarship application form.

*Please note: STEM transportation scholarship will be available to all eligible schools until the funds are depleted.

School Rates

For groups larger than 50 people or smaller than 15, additional docent fees may apply.

Docent fees also apply on the weekends.


Tour Only



With Flight Simulator


Adult Chaperones

Tour Only


Adult Chaperones

With Flight Simulator