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STEM to Stern

In the STEM to Stern Program, high-school students will see how chemistry, physics, and mathematics apply to the operational functions of a World War II aircraft carrier. The historic surroundings of the USS Hornet Museum offer a one-of-a-kind learning environment for exploring these concepts by giving students perspective on modern technology by offering a comparison to the past.

For example, students can investigate how thermodynamics and electromagnetism allowed the USS Hornet to use seawater to power the ship while cruising the ocean. They can learn how waves are used to track objects and communicate on board as well as between ships and aircraft. They can also see how hydraulics and simple machines, wind, and the ship itself helped launch a 19,000-lb jet off the flight deck, as well as how pilots and sailors use vector mathematics to plot a course. 

How did chemistry, physics, and mathematics contribute to the operational functions of a WWII aircraft carrier? What role does science and technology play in history? How does modern technology compare with vintage technology?

From the engines, to the machines in the Fo’c’sle, to the catapult hydraulics, and communication systems, investigate the engineering marvel that is USS Hornet and select a hands-on STEM activity from the following topics:

• Mechanics

• Aerospace

• Electrochemistry (New!)


To book a school field trip or receive a Teacher’s Guide, contact the Education Department by any of the following methods:

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Box lunches are available for $8.50 per person.


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For groups larger than 50 people or smaller than 15, additional docent fees may apply. Docent fees also apply on the weekends.


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STEM Transportation Fund

If your school is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento or the Central Valley, the USS Hornet Museum, Delta Charter & the Office of Naval Research may provide transportation assistance for your class to come aboard for a STEM-to-Stern program.

The Hornet strongly feels that our STEM-to-Stern programs will enrich many students’ appreciation for and promote the importance of STEM education to local schools.

One of our organization’s greatest desires is to share our unique educational platform with less-privileged students. This fund will offer participating schools fully funded bus transportation for up to 50 students for the following programs, STEM-to -Stern Jr. and STEM-to-Stern.

These exciting programs are based on the new Next Generation Science Standards and engage students in science and engineering in a fascinating historical setting.

The scholarship will be available for schools to utilize starting February 2016. To apply, please fill in and submit the STEM scholarship application form.

*Please note: STEM transportation scholarship will be available to all eligible schools until the funds are depleted.