Step Into History

Grades 8-12
//Step Into History
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20th Century American History (day tour) grades 8-12. Learn U.S. history while visiting five different historical stations onboard

This day program is based on the 11th grade California Standards and uses the ship as a platform for teaching various aspects of 20th century U.S. and World History in our unique venue. We provide you with advance lesson plans in your classroom prior to your day on the USS Hornet. Students board the ship in the morning, are provided workbooks, split into groups and rotate through five learning stations staffed by a Hornet Educator. You and your class are invited to experience history like never before, using our ship locations, artifacts, multi-media presentations, and historic film footage.

Subject Focus and Locations
Step into History allows you to choose 5 different subject locations for your visit:

  • “Cell Phone, Hybrid Car? Thank WWII” (Engine Room and Crew’s Mess)
  • “One Small Step for a Man…” (Hangar Bay 2 – Apollo Exhibit)
  • “Life or Death, Hide and Seek” (Navigation Bridge)
  • “The Greatest Battle You’ve Never Heard Of” (Hangar Bay 1 – TBM Avenger)
  • “Rise of a Superpower” (Officers’ Wardroom)
  • “Overcoming Oppression” (442nd Regiment Exhibit)
  • “US vs Them – A Way of Life” (Forecastle)
  • “The History of the USS Hornet” (Captain’s In port Quarters)


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Box lunches are available for $8.50 per person.

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For groups larger than 50 people or smaller than 15, additional docent fees may apply. Docent fees also apply on the weekends.


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