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Photos & Spherical Panoramas

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All images are by Bruce Ecker except the CIC image by Ken Stuart.


Engine Room (panorama)

Combat Information Center (panorama)

Helm (panorama)

Bridge (panorama)

Fantail (panorama)

Flight Deck (panorama)

Hangar Bay Two (panorama)

Hangar Bay One (panorama)

Pilot Ready Room Four (panorama)

Print Shop (panorama)

Surgery (panorama)

Sickbay (panorama)

Dental Station (panorama)

Dental Lab (panorama)

Kitchen (panorama)

Bakery (panorama)

Admiral's Cabin (panorama)

Outside an Officer's Cabin (panorama)

Secondary Conning Station (panorama)

Fo'c'sle (panorama)

Catapult (panorama)

Catapult (panorama)

Engine Room (panorama)

Engine Room (panorama)

Aux Generator (panorama)

Diesel Generator (panorama)

Aircraft Elevator Mechanism (panorama)

Machine Shop (panorama)

Torpedo Shop (panorama)

Torpedo Shop (panorama)

Radio Center (panorama)

Radio Center (panorama)

Crew Wash Room (panorama)

Crew Berthing (panorama)

Officer's Wardroom - Lounge (panorama)

Chief Petty Officer's (CPO) Wardroom - Mess / Lounge / Pantry (panorama)

Officer's Wardroom - Galley (panorama)

Sick Bay Laundry (panorama)

Inside Officer's Cabin (panorama)

Captain's At Sea Cabin (panorama)

Captain's In Port Cabin (panorama)

Navigation (panorama)

Combat Information Center (panorama)

Combat Information Center (panorama)

CIC Flight Operations (panorama)

CIC Flight Control (panorama)

Flight Control (panorama)

Brig (panorama)

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