Wish List & In-Kind Donations

The following is a sample list of items that are useful on the USS Hornet Museum:

USS Hornet Museum Wish List (last updated November 29, 2012)
Dept or Function Description Quantity
Administrative Gently Used Photocopy Machine 1
Administrative Laser Printers (Black & White) 2
Administrative 3-in-1 (print, copy, scan) color printer 1
Education Clipboards, (9in x12 1/2in) 100
Education Projectors 2
Education Foam Board for mounting Many
Education Dry Erase Boards 10
Events Tables, round 4’ Collapsible            40
Events Tables, round 5’Collapsible            70
Events Tables, rectangular 6’ Collapsible 40
Events Tables, rectangular 8’ Collapsible   40
Events Tables, cocktail (tall boy), Collapsible 40+
Events Heaters, patio                10
Events Heaters, console        10
Events 3-Sided Event/Party Tents 20
Events Wedding Arbors 2
Events Gently Used Carpet (4x20) Many
Events Stanchions, Hand Painted Many
Events Large Curtains Many
Events Drapes, Black 20’ Long (widths may vary they are needed to cover a total width of 50’ wide) Many
Events Telescopic poles 20’ 20
Events Adjustable 10’ Crossbars 10
Events Black Table Clothes for both 4’ and 5’ collapsible tables Many
Events White Table Clothes for both 4’ and 5’ collapsible tables Many
Events Black Table Clothes for both 6’ and 8’ rectangular tables Many
Events/Memorials Folding Chairs, white 1000
Multiple Dept. Screens, portable for projection 2
Museum Exhibits Mannequins 10
Museum Exhibits Exhibit Display Cases Many
Ship Store 29 Ball Spiral rack, chrome.  63" H.  (Store Supply Warehouse) 1
Ship Store Floor Cap Tower, black. 78"H x 10"W x 15-1/2" D (Store Supply Warehouse) 1
Ship Store Chrome Hook Stand with 18" - 36" Extension, 8" square base. (Store Supply Warehouse) 3
Ship Store Metal (display) Table, w/ locking casters.  59" L x 16-5/8" W x 32" H (Robert H Ham) 1
Ship Store Metal 5-tier shelf, w/ locking casters.  17-3/4" L x 14"W x 60-1/8" H (Robert H Ham) 1

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In-Kind Donations:

ABB, Inc. electronic timers
Accent Lighting compact fluorescent lamps
ACT cables ties
Adalet electrical enclosure
Advance Transformer electronic ballasts
Advantage Electric Supply ABB control relays
AEMC Instruments clamp-on meter
Allen Electric Supply LED bulbs
Alliance Express cable ties
Allied Electric LED bulbs
Allied Moulded plycarb enclosure
Altex Electronics emergency light batteries
American Battery lead acid batteries
Amerite Company electronic timers
AmRad Engineering motor run capacitor
A'nD Cable Products, Inc. cable ties
Artisan Controls electronic timers
Associated of Los Angeles LED bulbs
Auto Refrigeratnt refrigerant
Alameda Electrical Distributors electronic ballasts
Automation Direct key & selector switches
B&K Precision analog multimeter
Batteries Plus, LLC emergency light batteries
Battery Mart emergency light batteries
Battery Sharks emergency light batteries
Bear Lighting TLC, Inc. compact fluorescent lamps
Bridge Marketing rocker switches
Bryant NEMA 5-15 plugs and connectors
Buckles-Smith compact fluorescent lamps
Budget Lighting, Inc. linear fluorescent lamps
Bud Industries, Inc. electrical enclosure
Bulbs Plus, Inc. compact fluorescent lamps
BulbTown halogen lamps
Bulbworks, Inc. halogen lamps compact fluorescent lamps
c3controls contactor
Cableform Inc. pendant push button station
Cable Ties Plus, Inc cable tie wraps
California Energy Sales emergency light batteries
Cal Industrial Sales Co. buck-boost transformer
Calex Mfg., Co. dc/dc converter
Carling Technologies, Inc rocker/toggle switches
CEC Industries Limited F8T5/CW fluorescent lamps
CFL Universal compact fluorescent lamps
CME Lighting Supply, Inc. compact fluorescent lamps
CML-Provision Corp Sales 6S6/155 indicator lamps
Connector Country twist on wire nuts
Conserve-A-Watt Lighting, Inc. compact fluorescent lamps
Cooper Bussmann semiconductor fuses
Cooper Lighting emergency light batteries
Cranetech Inc. pendant push button station
D.F. Lighting compact fluorescent lamps
Dantona Industries, Inc. emergency light batteries
Davis Wholesale Electric electronic ballasts
Deltrol Controls 480 VAC coil relays
DRS Power and Control Technologies, Inc. type 6982 selector
Dual-Lite emergency lights
Duraco Express double sided tape
Eastern Penn Supply Co. electronic ballasts
E-conolight flood lights
Electric Switches Premier rocker type switches
Elk Products, Inc. batteries
Energy Plus compact fluorescent lamps
EPIC-C control relays sander armature assy and bearings
Erico caddy cable clips
Evenlite, Inc. LED exit signs
Fanlight Corporation, Inc. electronic ballasts
Fedco Electronis, Inc. emergency light batteries
Feit Electric compact fluorescent lamps
Fibox fibox enclosure
Fostoria Industries, Inc overhead radiant heater
Fulham Co., Inc. electronic ballasts
Full Spectrum Solutions linear fluorescent lamps
Galvan Industries electrical connectors
Gardner Bender Tech. Services electrical material/tools
Gaumer Process strip heaters
G.E. Appliances & Lighting LED lamps
Gladiator Lighting fluorescent lamp starters
Goulds Pumps 2 HP submersible pump
Graybar compact fluorescent lamps
Gruber Industries, Inc. lead acid batteries
H&H Industries, Inc. compact fluorescent lamps
H&K Sales & Marketing, LLC electronic ballasts
Halco Lighting Technologies compact fluorescent lamps
Havells-USA compact fluorescent lamps
Higuchi, Inc. USA halogen lamps
Hillsdale Terminal & Tool, Inc. wiring connectors
Hitachi 1/2 drill motor
Hoffman Enclosures electrical boxes
Howard Lighting Products F17T8/741/ECO fluorescent lamps
Hubbell Inc. plugs, connectors & halogen lamps
Hubbell-Killark 3" connector w/mesh
Hydraulic Institute VFD’s handbook
ICM Controls Corporation time delay relay
Ideal Industries, Inc. 71B wire nuts, clamp meter
Ideal Lighting Supply compact fluorescent lamps
Independent Electric Supply fluorescent bulbs
Infitec, Inc. solid state time delay relay
Intermatic, Inc. electronic time switch & time switch motor
Interpower, Corp. nema 5-15 sockets
Interstate All Battery Center emergency light batteries
Irby electronic ballasts
Iris Electronics plug-in relays & sockets
Isolite Corporation lighted exit signs & emergency lights
Jet-Lube, Inc. lubrication oil
J H Larson Company compact fluorescent lamps
John Crane, Inc. 7/16” packing
Johnson Electric Supply Co. electronic timer
Jorc Industrial condensate drain
Kaman Industrial Technologies spray-on paint remover
Kam Sales, Inc. compact fluorescent lamps http:/
Kelly & Hayes Electrical Supply electronic ballasts
Keystone Technologies, LCC electronic ballasts
KOBI Group G.E. LED bulbs
Krylon spray paint
Krylon Product Support spray-on paint remover
Lade-Danlar compact fluorescent lamps
Lamp Technology, Inc. compact fluorescent lamps
LAPP USA electric wire
Leviton, Inc. lamp holders
Light Bulb Planet compact fluorescent lamps
Lighting compact fluorescent lamps
Lighting Supply, Inc. compact fluorescent lamps
Light Source LED bulbs
Litetronics International compact fluorescent lamps
Lithonia Lighting emergency light batteries
LizardSkin Spray-on Insulation Mascot sound dampening paint
Lumitific Corp. halogen lamp heads
Maltby Electric Supply Co. electronic ballasts and T8 linear fluorescent lamps
Masline Electronics, Inc. electrical enclosure
Mason Industries, Inc. rubber sound pad
MaxLite compact fluorescent lamps
Miller OEM compact fluorescent lamps
Mersen USA class j fuse blocks
Mouser Electronics relay sockets
Nelco Products, Inc. cable ties
Niagra Conservation compact fluorescent lamps
Nolico Lighting compact fluorescent lamps
Northeast Fasteners Co., Inc. electrical terminals
NTE, Inc. relay sockets
Omega Engineering, Inc. D5PF2AA relays
Omega Pacific Electrical Supply, Inc. compact fluorescent lamps/electronic ballasts
Orbit Industries, Inc. LED exit sign
Paramount Lights compact fluorescent lamps
Part $ Mart hot water heater element
Patriot Supply hot water heater element
Permabond Engineering 2-part epoxy adhesive
Pex Supply electronic timer
Platt Electrical Supply compact fluorescent lamps, SS electronic timers
Portland Lighting, Inc. compact fluorescent lamps
Power and Controls, Inc. plug-in-relays
Power-Sonic Corp. sealed lead acid batteries
Powerstride Battery sealed lead acid batteries
Premium Electric Supply, Inc. compact fluorescent lamps
Priority Lighting fluorescent lamps
PRO Lighting lamp socket extenders
Rayvern Lighting Supply Co. compact fluorescent lamps
Relay and Control Corp. GP relay
Remote Control Technology RSS-2 remote wireless switch system
Rockwell Automation solid state motor winding heater
Safeco Electric Supply compact fluorescent lamps
Saginaw Control & Engineering electrical enclosure
Satco Products, Inc lamp extenders
Schneider Electric relay sockets, definite purpose contactor, contact module
Sierra Sales Engineering, Inc. special control relays
Simpson Electric analog panel meter
SLI Lighting compact fluorescent lamps
SquareOne Elect. Service Co. electric motor
Steven Engineering definite purpose contactor
Struthers-Dunn, LLC 100 AM DC contractor hot water heater elements
Surelite Products Co., Inc. FS-2 fluor lite starters
Sylvania compact fluorescent lamps
TAP Plastics plexiglass sheets
TCP, Inc. compact fluorescent lamps
Tectronic Industries cordless drills
The Binding Source, LLC 3M foam tape
Thomas & Betts-Emergi-Lite lighted exit signs
TNR Batteries MN908 batteries
Topaz Lighting Corp. compact fluorescent lamps
TPI Corporation heating element
United Commercial Supply compact fluorescent lamps
Universal Power Group, Inc. sealed lead acid batteries
Verilux, Inc. compact fluorescent lamps
Voss Lighting fluorescent tubes
Ward Leonard overload relay heaters fluorescent lamps
Western Automation, Inc ABB control relays
Westinghouse Lighting Corp. compact fluorescent lamps
Wiring Products battery terminals
YESCO Electrical Supply, Inc. compact fluorescent lamps
ZEUS Battery Products sealed lead acid batteries
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